TV Actor Nandish Singh To Play Maths Genius Hrithik’s Brother


The casting of the Bihari maths genius Anand  Kumar’s bio-pic Super 30 has now expanded Model turned television actor Nandish Singh has been signed to play Anand Kumar’s younger brother.

 Says  a source close to the project,  “Anand’s brother Pranav Kumar has always been  his right hand and biggest support, right from the days when Anand began his campaign to educate  underprivileged  but brilliant Maths students. It’s a very  important role and one that required someone younger to Hrithik who could hold his own.”

Apparently Anand was  given  the  right to decide who should be chosen for  the part.

“9 actors were short-listed. Anand  selected Nandish for his masoomiyat(innocence) andimaandaari(honesty). Anand’s  whole family is  a big fan  of the serial Uttaran in which Nandish was  first noticed.”

The scenes between the two brothers will be shot in “Karan-Arjun” style  with lots of brotherhood, bonhomie and singing.

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