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Varun Dhawan Has a Guest Appearance In Bharat



 So far Varun Dhawan’s  guest appearance  in  Ali Abbas Zafar’s   Bharat has only been whispered about.  Now we  can confirm that young Dhawan,  a  big Salman fan, is indeed  a very small but significant part  of  the eagerly-waited  film.

 Without  giving away  the plot—no spoilers ahead—suffice  it to say that  Varun appears at a  very  crucial juncture in  the  narrative.

How did the  hyper-busy Varun agree  to  do the  role?

Very simple. Salman  just had to ask.And Varun left  all his assignments  and rushed to answer Bhai’s  invitation  to  appear in  Bharat.

Says a  source  close to the  project,  “Varun hero-worships Salman. He has done  a  remake  of Salman’s Judwaa  after seeking the  senior  superstar’s   permission. In  the remake  of Hero No 1 Varun played a  Hanuman  bhakt and Lord Hanuman “spoke”  to Varun in Salman’s voice.”

When I had asked  Varun about this  ‘voiced veneration’ he had rhapsodized,  “Bhai  is no less than God to me.”

No wonder  , Varun rushed  to  do the  guest appearance  in Bharat as soon as  Salman asked him.

However  it was done on an understanding that Varun’s name  will not appear  in any of the publicity and promotion  of  Bharat.

“Salman wanted  it to be  a  surprise  element  in Bharat.He is  very fond of  Varun and   was  most happy to have him as  part  of  his film,” says a  source.

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