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Veena Malik’s Rant Against India and Narendra Modi Spells Bad News For Pakistani  Artistes in India



Just when we thought the ice between India  and Pakistan  was thawing as far as cultural ties go,and just when Boney Kapoor was getting ready to invite the two very fine actors Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali from Mom to India, Veena Malik has dropped an anti-India bomb, in a manner of speaking.

In her latest avatar as , don’t laugh, a news reporters on a Pakistani tv channel, Veena can be heard raving against India, Israel and Narendra Modi.

Veena’s ill-informed laughable tirade has done its mischief.Producers who were planning to bring their artistes to India would now have to wait for some more time before they we welcome here.

Says a source from the ruling government, “We are not reacting to this woman who  gets posh jobs in Bollywood, truckloads of publicity and now decides to win the shaky approval of the powers-that-be on the other side.She is of no consequence. But if this is her attitude to the country that hosted her dreams for many years and made her famous , then we need to continue being cautious in inviting  artistes from Pakistan to India.”

It is sad that India-friendly Pakistani actors like Sajal Ali, Adnan Siddiqui, Fawad Khan and Ali Zafar have to suffer the consequences of Veena Malik’s misguided patriotism.

One of the most frequent Pakistani visitors from India said to me, “Veena Malik doesn’t represent Pakistan’s entertainment community. We are not sure whom or what she represents. But it isn’t us

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