Watch Out, The Censor Board Is Watching Baahubali


Beware! That man taking notes in the seat next to you could be acensorboardplant. Starting today theCensor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) intends to carry out flash inspections in theatres across India to check on the content accompanyingBaahubali2: The Beginning.

No, dont get theCBFCwrong.They arent spying onBaahubalito see if hanky-pankyhas been done with the content. It is the ads that have flooded theBaahubalifranchise this time, which need to be carefully monitored and censored before they can be screened withBaahubali2 The Concusion.

ExplainsCBFCchiefPahlajNihalani, In the days preceding the release ofBaahubali2weve received close to 90-100 ads to be screened with the film.Weve never in the history of the CBFCs existence received so many ads for screening with a feature film. Each one of the ads had to be viewed by all the members of the censor board and certified.

TheCBFCfears that uncensored ads may make their way into public screenings ofBaahubali2.Some enterprising product-peddlers may think they can slip their ads in without censor certification into theatres showingBaahubali.Well be checking randomly to see no ads are screened without censor certification.

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