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“We’ve Decided To Release Evaru On August 15 After Saaho’s Exit,” Adivi Sesh Spills The Beans



The teaser of   the new Adivi Shesh  thriller Evaru which was relased on July  19 is  a killer. It is  sleek, fast-paced , intriguing , gripping and unrelenting in its battering-ram suspense. There is a  murder accused  heroine(Regina Cassandra) and a morally  compromised cop, played with  stinging swagger by Adivi.

Says  Adivi, “I play a corrupt cop. One never knows which way my character  goes. I enjoy this  unpredictability in my roles. I seek it out and a grab it with both hands,” says Adivi who is  happy to reunite with his  Kshanam team for  another thriller.

“I loved exploring the  thriller genre again. And  I loved exploring  this genre with  the same team  with which  I didKshanamEvaru  is  like an ‘IOU” for me to  them,”says Adivi gratefully, hoping the film would connect as strongly with the  audience as Kshanam did.

About the release  being preponed Adivi says it’s all because  of Saaho. “We  didn’t want to come  anywhere near Saaho.So we had  originally  planned to release  two weeks after  . But we got to know  that Saaho is being postponed to August 15. So we quickly rescheduled  for an August 15 release. Now we have  Ranarangam for company on August  15. That team comprises  my friends. So I  wish them  all the  best .”

What  about the two Hindi releases Mission Mangal and Batla House on  August 15?

Adivi is not  bothered about competition  from that quarter.  “Hindi films  are a very small market as compared with Telugu  films. So like I said,  my  competition is  Ranarangam. And  then there is Saaho two weeks later.  Prabhas  has worked so hard on it and  he was so  good to me when I  did  a small role in Baahubali, I  wish Saaho all the  luck in the world.”

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