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Zarina Wahab: The Law Linking Live-In With Rape Must Change



Zarina Wahab has stood with her husband Aditya Pancholi through all  the  stress and strain that they as a couple  have gone through over his past relationship with actress Kangana Ranaut.

 Fresh legal trouble  over  the  issue again cropped up recently. And Zarina wishes there  would be  more stringent laws  to protect the  accused in  cases  of sexual offences.

“You can’t be  in  a relationship with  someone or  living in with someone  for years and then suddenly accuse him of rape just because the  relationship has ended, or because one  of  the two parties has  moved on. It’s just not right,” asserts Zarina .

 Zarina rises to the defence of  television actor  Karan Oberoi who stands accused of  rape.

“Look at  the way he has been  locked away. I’ve worked  with him in the past. He’s a decent civilized  courteous man. It’s frightening what a rape allegation can do to a  man. Whether  it is true or not  it destroys a man’s reputation and selfconfidence. Karan will never be  himself  again ,” says Zarina.

 She admits he lives in constant fear for her husband’s  safety and  protection.  “I know him better than anyone else. He has not  hidden anything from me. I  know what has happened in  the past.  He has  done no wrong.”

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