10 Reasons Why Sridevi Is Likely To Win The National Award For MOM



  1. Because it is  a very personal film for Sri…never has she delved so deep into her  own psyche to  come up with emotions never seen before. In  important hospital episode where Sri sees her careen-daughter lying helpless in a traumatized state Sri’s emotional  meltdown will elicit a collective sob from the audience.
  2. Because Sri plays a mother unlike any other. She is no Nirupa Roy or Sulochana. No Reema Lagoo or Smita Jaykar either. Heck, she is nothing like the mother she  played in English Vinglish! When it comes to her child,this Mom stops at nothing.Women in the audience would love that.And every boxoffice expert knows when you have the women on your side you have the entire family in the theatre.
  3. Because  Pakistan’s Adnan Siddiqui makes a better husband for Sridevi than any I’ve seen in recent times. He  is a marked improvement on Adil Hussain in English Vinglish .
  4. Because Sridevi has tapped into emotions she has never touched within herself before. In one sequence she mocks one of her victims while he lays writhing pain on hospital bed. In a flash of her second her face turns from hospital geniality to steely vendetta. Awesome.
  5. Because though  Mom is a film about a gruesome crime  , the crime  itself  is never shown. Says director Ravi Udyawar, “It was very important for me to evoke the fear without showing  it.In cinema the implied can be  a far more effective tool than the explicit.”
  6. Because  the film in spite of 2 ½ hour running-time moves at a  breakneck speed. The plot-defining crime happens in the first 20 minutes. The  rest of the  film charts the revenge in gripping detail.
  7. Because Sridevi’s chemistry with Nawazuddin Siddiqui is so unique and so unprecedented it beats her chemistry with Jeetendra, Anil Kapoor and sundry heroes.It is just delightful to watch these two brilliant actors play against themselves. In one sequence Sridevicompliments  Nawaz for his singing. “I wanted to be singer like my mother,” Nawaz reveals. “Your mother was also a singer?” asks Sridevi trying hard to look interested in her unlikely accomplice’s life. “No, she also wanted to be  singer,”drawls Nawaz. Such close encounters, skillfully scripted and expertly executed, make the experience completely paisa wasool.
  8. Because the bloodied climax in the snow-capped mountains of Georgia is so riveting you forget to do all the things that you do when the movie is about to end(call driver, etc).All you see on  screen in a vengeful mother who will stop at  nothing  to get justice for her daughter.
  9. Because the same story was done in another recent film Maatr.All you have to do  is compare Sridevi’s maternal ire with the earlier film and you will know the difference.
  10.  Because, well, this is Sridevi. At her incomparable best. In one sequence she stands helplessly outside the bathroom hearing her daughter’s racking sobs from inside. Her look of wretched helplessness is something every parent has gone through when a child is troubled.Here Sridevi becomes Everymother. She is isn’t Mother India. She is Mother Earth. Don’t mess with her progeny.

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