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Shatrughan Sinha On Salman’s Safety  “We as one fraternity should come forward  to condemn such a dastardly  cowardly  act,” 



Salman khan

Shatrughan Sinha  has always  been very very close  to Salman Khan .When he heard  about the gunshots  in front of Salman’s  home, Shatruji  was  very disturbed.  “My first thought  was  about the safety  of Salman and his family. My second thought was,who are these anti-social elements  who  want to hurt the nation’s beloved superstar?”

 Lest we forget, Salman launched  Shatruji’s  daughter Sonakshi.

“How can I every forget that? I am forever grateful to Salman for Dabangg. Sonakshi couldn’t have  hoped for a better launch,” says the emotional  father.

 But there is a  bond beyond the professional  between  the two.

“Salman and his family, his father  the great writer Salim Saab  are  very close to my heart. When  I  heard  of  the  incident on  Sunday  morning, my primary concern was  the safety of the family. Salim Saab and Salman are among the pride of our  film industry .We as  one fraternity should  come forward  to condemn such a dastardly  cowardly  act,”  says Shatruji  angrily.

 He  feels the  safety  and wellbeing  of the film fraternity should be  a priority for  the State government. “Iss terah se khule aam aatank phailana , this is certainly not  a healthy sign.I am sure the prayers and blessings of Salman’s fans will  always keep him safe and protected.”

Shatruji recalls the  terror attack on his  friend Rakesh Roshan in  the  year  2000.  “We  thought those days  of criminal elements trying to intimidate the  film industry were  over.”

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