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Unknown Facts

5 Unknown Facts About Lata Mangeshkar



1.     She  is the undisputed  God of all melodious  of things. The Sing Sena Supremo. But whom does Lata Mangeshkar  idolize as a singer?  It’s  Kundal Lal Saigal. She  adored  his voice as a child and grew up listening to each and every one of his songs  over and  over again.Regrettably she couldn’t meet him. He passed away days before their  appointed meeting.

2.     And  the one  singer  whom she despised?  G M  Durrani who was  the reigning singer of the  1940s and  50s. During their  first recording Durrani made some comments that Lataji didn’t like.She  never returned to sing  with him again.

3.     Everyone knows she  never sang for composer  O .P Nayyar. But  did  you know  they came  THIS  close recording  a song together? Yes,  OP  was all set  to  record  a  number with Lataji. The venue and time were set. But she  didn’t turn up as she  was unwell. OP took the  affront  personally. He vowed  never to work with her again.Whose loss was  it anyway?

4.     The  newest addition to  the Mangeshkar family is a new canine . The canine is also  a huge LM fan and though the entire Mangeshkar clan  is  fond   of the adorable little family member ,the  canine  prefers  to spend all her time  in Lataji’s room.

5.     Generous to a fault, Lataji loves  to  send out gifts  to her friends  and well wishers.  Jaya Bachchan and Hema  Malini  are among those  blessed with beautiful sarees  gifted by the Goddess. This Diwali, just days before she  fell ill,  Lataji was  on  the  phone wishing  some of  those she  loved a Happy Diwali  and sending out  gifts to  them.

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