7 Things You Don’t Know About Shah Rukh Khan & Zero


1.     SRK was  not daunted  by the  idea of playing a midget because he doesn’t think he  is  so tall in the  first place.  Unlike  some other stars/superstars who  pretend  to be much taller than they actually are, SRK is  very content in his  shoes. We recall how Shahid Kapoor would bubble over with froth when reminded  how much tallerDeepika was to him in  Padmaavat. Even the  boxoffice agreed.

2.     Katrina and Anushka Sharma,  SRK’s  two heroines  in Zero are both taller than himeven without being vertically challenged as  a  character. SRK joked about his heroines’ heights right through the making of Zero.

3.     Bauua Singh is SRK’s most challenging  role , not because he is vertically challenged  but because  SRK had to project the incompleteness  of the  character  without  making him look like  a victim. Those  who have seen the film say SRK will finally win his first National award  for Zero.

4.     Contrary  to popular belief  SRK’s  midget act  is not inspired by Kamal Haasan in  Appu Raja. Who started this rumour?  Do two vertically challenged heroes have  to be similar? Appu is  as  similar to  Bauua as MukeshKhanna to  Rajesh Khanna.

5.     Anushka Sharma plays a space scientist with cerebral palsy. She apparently  studied Daniel Day Lewis’ performance  in My Left Foot  and  Eddy Redmayne  in  The Theory Of Everything.

6.     Anushka was  signed first. Katrina wanted  to do Anushka’s character. But director Aanand Rai was  very clear on the casting. He wanted someone tall  and leggy and stunning to play the actress alcoholic actress Babita  Kumarito create  a stark physical contrast with the  vertically challenged Hero, Er, Zero.

7.     Katrina’s  Babita  Kumari is actually inspired  Hema Malini in  Vijay Anand’s Tere Mere Sapne. Remember Hema’s portrayal of  the lonely actress?

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