Aamir’s Incredibly Natural Bonding With His Screen Daughters Illuminated Karan Johar’s Show

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the 101st episode of Koffee With Karan  featuring Aamir Khan with his two Dangal daughters Fatima Sana Sheikh and  SanyaMalhotra was every bit as clasped in the warm embrace of family kinship as the 100thepisode last week when the Khan brothers Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail showed up to share amiability and anecdotes.

And mind you, Aamir’s two screen daughters are not even his family. Not really. Not unless that easy warm camaraderie they shared was more than just a sham meant to promote Dangal. The two girls, I must say, were not intimidated by Aamir’s reputation or personality.  They were respectful but not fawning.

They called him a ‘sore loser’.

Not be  left behind , Karan Johar called Aamir a  ‘sulk pot’.

“It’s like being with a mad man…he doesn’t have friends. He only has us,” said Fatima cheekily while Aamir beamed with paternal indulgence  like a Santa who is come in a little head of time.

I would like think that the camaraderie Aamir Khan seemed to share with his screen daughters was real and would outlive the marketing and promotion  of  Dangal.

As Aamir said emotionally, actors like gypsies.They come together as a family for a film and then disperse.For now there was the laughter and the warmth shared between Aamir and the two girls and celebrated by the host who was so much more likeable when not cracking selfdeprecatory gay jokes.

There was no scope for titillating tomfoolery this time. Koffee With Karan with Aamirand his two screen daughters was  like   a hearty well-cooked vegetarian thaali, wholesome and nourishing. In fact just this one episode should have been titled Lassi With Karan.

Not that there was any dearth of mischievous moments during the gupshup. Mr Perfectionist was uncharacteristically relaxed with Fatima and Sanya. They ribbed him about his obsession with perfectionism. They sang and danced together . Aamir was the indulgent buddy-papa, a bit bewildered by his own newly discovered joy at being lighthearted and goofy.

Let’s hope the rapport that we saw on Sunday night extends itself in the winner. If so,no doubt Dangal will be  a big winner.

Episode rating: *** ½


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