“The Actual Battle Between Hrithik & Kangna Begins Now”

The legal battle between Hrithik Roshan and Kangna Ranaut is far from over. A report in a Mumbai tabloid on Thursday stated that the case was likely to be closed for lack of evidence to indicate who had written the amorous mail to Kangna posing as Hrithik Roshan.

But sources close to Hrithik claim the case is far from over. “Hrithik won’t rest I peace until he’s proven innocent. The allegation suggesting he had a relationship with Kangana Ranaut have hurt and humiliated him. He has two growing sons whom he is answerable to. He won’t sleep properly until his name is completely cleared  in this matter.The actually between begins now.”

A statement from Hrithik Roshan’s legal team released after Kangna’s legal advisers claimed the case was over, states that the case  against  Kangna Ranaut  is far from  over. “It is categorically asserted that there is unimpeachable evidence to suggest that there was no relationship of any kind between Mr. Roshan and Ms. Ranaut and that Ms. Ranaut persistently hounded Mr. Roshan on emails with the intention to entice him into a relationship.”.

The investigation in fact continues and Mr. Saxena (Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime) has informed Mr. Mahesh Jethmalani , Senior Counsel advising  Hrithik Roshanthat ” the case is not yet closed. Investigation is still going on.”

Sources close to Hrithik say , it is no  longer an issue regarding who sent the amorous email to Kangana Ranaut pretending to be  Hrithik.

“The  issue is, Hrithik didn’t send the mail, and he will prove it in a court of law,” says the source.


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