Adi Chopra Suggested Italian Venue For Virat-Anushka Wedding

It was  Anushka Sharma’s mentor and confidant producer-filmmaker Aditya Chopra who suggested an Italian venue away from prying eyes,  for Anushka’s wedding  with Virat Kohli.

Adi , a notorious paparazzi shirker, had opted for a wedding in Italy with Rani Mukherjee in  2014.

Says a  source  close to Aditya Chopra, “It was Adi’s idea that Anushka and Virat have  their wedding in  Italy.  He warned them that a desi wedding would turn into a tamasha with the paparazzi and  gate crashes having a  field day.”

 Apparently Anushka who consults Adi on all important matters, took Adi’s  advice seriously, “From Adi’s  lips on to Virat’s ears,” says the source.

And that’s how the Italian wedding  happened​. No one  in  the  film industry

​was​ invited  for Anushka Sharma’s wedding  with cricketer Virat Kohli. Not even her closest buddy Karan  Johar and Shah Rukh Khan who apparently ​were​ in the know  about her  wedding plans but unable to attend the wedding in

But Adi Chopra and Rani ​were​ invited. “They would have​ like ​ed​ to attend​ But Adi  is busy supervising Thugs Of Hindostan  We heard Rani saying she would love to attend Anushka’s wedding. But they can’t take their daughter along,” a source from Yash Raj reveals.

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