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Adivi Sesh To Lose 10 Kgs For Next Film

After   four consecutive hits  Kshanam, Oopiri  , Ami Thumi and  Evaru ,up next for  Evaru star  Adivi Sesh is a true-life soldier’s  tale Major where he  plays  the national hero Sandeep UunniKrishnan . Mahesh Babu  who produces  the film  says  Adivi  Sesh has been travelling with this story for a long time and he fits the bill completely .

Adivi is  getting ready  for  the challenge. “I’ve  to  look and think like  a true soldier. I don’t  want to fake it.”

Adivi is  going into a strict military-like regimen to play the part. “I  have to look extremely fit and slim. I am going to lose ten  kgs in the next  three months  before we start shooting for Major.A strict  diet  plan has been  worked out,and I intend  to follow it faithfully.Luckily I  don’t have  to  avoid my Mom’s food  because she lives in California.”

Adivi sees  playing  the  Ashoka Chakra winner as a huge responsibility. “It  is my first  real-life character.And  to be  playing a  man so  heroic courageous  and   iconic is to me, the greatest privilege an actor can get. I am going to  give this  role all the love and respect it deserves.”

Major  is a  major departure  for  Adivi  from all the characters he has played so far.  “After Evaru  I wanted  to do something in a different genre. I’ve done the suspense genre twice  in Kshanam and  Evaru in the last two years. I grew up wanting to  play a  soldier. Now I’m finally getting to do it.”

 Major will be  produced  by  Mahesh  Babu.

And Adivi can’t stop feeling privileged. “I’ve always been a big fan  of  Mahesh Babu and to now  have him produce  a film  where  I play this distinguished soldier  is like  a dream  come true. The  best thing about being an  actor is that  you get  to play  out all your fantasies.”


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