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Akshat Verma ’s Kaalagandi Has Saif In A One-Night Story

Now it can be told. Saif Ali Khan features in one of the 3 stories that comprise Delhi Belly writer Akshat Verma’s feature-film debut in Kaalagandi.

Revealing this , actor Akshay Oberoi who also plays  a role in the film says, “Saif and I are cast as brothers in one of the three stories in Kaalagandi. He has a fabulous role. So have I. It’s a story that unfolds in the course of one night.We’ve almost finished wrapping up the shooting.It a completely wacky film, and I loved shooting it.”

Akshay who earlier formed a special bonding with Randeep Hooda when they worked together in  Laal Rang, says Saif is the best co-star he has worked with. “We shot our scenes together in a hurry since Saif needed to move on to his next project, a remake of the Hollywood film Chef. I am thrilled to be in the film and to be working with Saif. He’s the best co-star I’ve had yet. Extremely giving as an actor.. And Akshat can write dialoguesbetter than some international people. I hope the film is a game changer for me. I’ve never had more fun playing any part.”

Shedding more light on Akshat’s film Akshay says, “Akshat’s film is a bit different thanDelhi Belly. It’s darker, but still absolutely hilarious. The film has three stories. And it spans one night in Mumbai. It’s hard to even give a one-liner of the movie, it’s too complex/layered a film. Could be truly pathbreaking though.”

When asked  why Akshat’s film is titled Kaalagandi , Akshay Oberoi laughs, “Now that’s something only a mind as wacky as Akshat’s can answer. I think Kaalagandi is a crazy title.And that is what Akshat wanted. The title matches the film’s zany tone.”


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