Akshay Kumar’s Villainy Worries Rajnikanth?


 Shankar’s 2: 0 also know as  Robot 2 finds itself in a moral crisis. To be  mean or not to  be mean? That’s the question this high-end spectacle’s arch villain faces.

The  film’s makers and marketing team—the movers and shakers, so to speak—have discovered a bit late in the day that Akshay Kumar with his clean neo-Manoj Kumar image of an Indian patriot , never clicks with audiences in negative roles.

All his past films  as a villain have flopped. So  what happens to 2: 0 now?

Says a source close to the development, “Akshay  Kumar has a very strong public image as  philanthropist, do-gooder and social crusader. His roles as a bad boy have always been rejected. He tried it in Khiladi 420 which was his first flop in the Khiladi series. Then he tried it in Abbas-Mustan’s Ajnabee (where he played a wife swapper )and Guddu Dhanoa’s Aflatoon(a cold-blooded assassin). And his gangster’s role in Once Upon A  Time In  Mumbaai 2 was so badly received it nearly put director Milan Luthria’s career to sleep.Audiences don’t like to see him in negative roles. Or , for that matter, with bizarre prosthetics. Akshay was rejected with buck teeth in Vipul Shah’s Action Replay.His outlandish makeup for the villain’s role in 2: 0 is hardly the stuff dream runs at the boxoffice are made of.”

The  question now is, what happens to Akshay’s antagonism in 2: 0?

Apparently the makers are looking to soften the blow and make his character sympathetic towards the end.

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