Alia Bhatt Can’t Stop Singing Praises Of Shah Rukh

Alia Bhatt who has just finished working with THE Shah Rukh Khan in Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi is all praise for her co-star. “Shah Rukh is magic. His words, his persona ,his eyes when he looks into the camera….He is such a  delight to work with!”

Alia found Shah Rukh to be an extremely collaborative co-star. “ He has tremendous regard for everyone’s work. He is SHAH RUKH KHAN. But he  doesn’t let that fact weight him or others down.He doesn’t let anyone feel  unimportant. Everyone on the sets was equally important for him, be it a technician or a co-star.”

As for the age difference, Alia didn’t think about it at all. “ Not for a minute did I feel Shah Rukh was older. We worked like friends.But when he spoke I felt very young in front of him . He is so knowledgeable. He knows so much more than me. He makes  every anecdote , every incident from his life sound so interesting . I just loved to sit and chat with him in-between shots. It was absolutely amazing.”


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