Alia Bhatt Spends Valentine’s Day ‘Valentining’

This  Valentine’s Day was  special for Alia  Bhatt. As the whole world knows she is in  love,

So, the day was very special  for her.

“I was definitely Valentining  on that day.Since I’ve been promoting my film Gully Boy  I had a late night, so I woke up late on Valentine’s Day . I was flooded with  messages and  greetings…about how our film was doing, and Valentine’s greetings and some marriage  proposals from  strangers  as well,” she laughs.

She then exchanged  “positive energy” with her  co-star Ranveer Singh. “Valentine’s Day was  also the  release day  for our  film. So we tried to give each  positive energy,helped one another get over  our anxiety.”

She was  then  off  for  a very special  photo-shoot, “I did a photo-shoot for Karan  Johar’sKalank with  Madhuri M’aam(Dixit)  and  Sonakshi Sinha at Film City(Mumbai).”

So why was she spending so much time with Ranveer instead of Ranbir  on Valentine’s Day?

“There  was  time for Ranbir also, don’t worry,” she laughs.

How does she  tell the two similar-sounding  names apart?

“Trust me I’ve no problem telling them apart. Ranbir and Ranveer are two very different people. Even their names, though they may  sound similar  to  the outside world are  quite separate  in my head and in my speech,” Alia asserts.

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