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Alia Bhatt To Unlearn All Her Acting Skills

In just the four years that she has been around  Alia Bhatt has churned out more hits than all her contemporaries put together.

With her her new film Badrinath Ki Duniya poised to be another hit you would think this astonishing achiever would be smug in her space.

Not so! Alia is ready to re-set her acting clock.

“I want to unlearn everything that I’ve learn about acting so far. I feel the process that I use to put my characters forward has run  its course. I need to rejuvenate myself as an actor,” says Alia who at 23 seems to have attained more success than most dream of at her age.

When I call  her the new age Hema Malini Alia laughs  off the compliment. “I am far removed from her success ratio.Hemaji is in a league of her own. Yes most of my films seem to have succeeded. Even the one that didn’t(Shaandaar) had us putting in  a devilish amount of work and labour. So it’s not as if films work or don’t work because of  the effort that goes into making it.What works is entirely unpredictable. I guess I am lucky that so many of my films have worked. But like I said , it’s time now to reactivate my skills, unlearn all the tricks of the craft before I start using them unthinkingly.”

The  process will start with Ayan Mukerjee’s Dragon which Alia starts in September. “This is the only film I have right now and I’m really looking forward to it because I get to work with Ranbir Kapoor for the first time. Your co-stars are a  part of that journey which shapes your convictions as an actor. Ranbir is a different school of acting from my other co-stars so far. So I’m looking forward to that.”

Ask her  about the  new film and Alia says, “All Ayan tells me is that it is an intense love story combined with supernatural elements.”

The Big B Amitabh Bachchan is also expected to join the cast of AyanMukerjee’s new film.

Says Alia, “If that happens then I’m going to have a lot of new experiences to learn as an actor.”


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