Alia Bhatt’s Role Increased In RRR

Alia Bhatt may just be carrying her humble adulation for Rajamouli a bit too far when she says she pleaded with him to be cast in the director’s underproduction venture RRR.

The fact is, Rajamouli and the producers of RRR were exceedingly keen to bring Alia into RRR primary to attract North Indian audiences who are not familiar with the film’s two leading men from Telugu cinema at all.

In fact, so keen was the RRR team to invite the Bollywood queen tthat they have increased her role,padded it up with a few songs, and some additional scenes.

An informed source spills the beans. “To begin with the heroine’s role was nothing much. RRR is purely a boys’ pictureshow. No major female characters in the script in RRR like Ramya Krishnan in Baahubali. Alia’s role had to be tweaked and increased before it was offered to her.”

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