Alia-Siddharth, Varun-Natasha Come Out At Karan’s Bash

Last week when Karan Johar turned 45  all his friends—and that means more than half of  Bollywood —turned at his beautifully appointed home in Mumbai.

The bash was memorable on many counts. Guests saw his twoStudent Of The Year proteges Alia Bhatt(who insists she is Karan’s first child and the newly-born twins are her siblings) and SiddharthMalhotra bonding beautifully.

“And  it was not a sibling bonding at all,” giggles one of Karan’s closest gal pals. “They’re definitely very close.And when with Karanthey are not afraid to show it.”

Karan’s other Student Of  The Year Varun Dhawan  also walked in comfortably with his girlfriend(fiancée?)  Natasha dalal.

“He  introduced Natasha to all the guests and took her to Karan’s mother. This is definitely a step up for their relationship,” says the source.

But the most beautiful couple of the evening was undoubtedly ShahRukh Khan’s son Aryan and Amrita-Saif’s daughter Sara. In fact they looked so good together and seemed so comfortable with one another that everyone was heard wondering aloud why Karan did not cast them together.

Incidentally the rumours linking Sara Khan with Anil Kapoor’s sonHarshvardhan are according to those in the know “completely baseless”

At one point in time Sara’s mom Amrita Singh and Harshvardhan’s father Anil Kapoor were linked together.

“But in the case of Sara and Harsh it’s definitely not about loving in the family,” chuckles a source.

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