Amitabh Bachchan To Attend Kapil Sharma’s Wedding?

Kapil Sharma’s wedding  in Amritsar on December 12 won’t have any major Bollywood  presence because he  isn’t inviting any.

 None except Amitabh Bachchan whom Kapil has personally and sincerely invited. And Mr Bachchan who is known to  go out of his way to keep his wellwishers smiling is likely to head to Amritsar  for a day  to  participate  in Kapil’s  big day.

Says a  source close to Kapil, “ Bachchan Saab is very fond of Kapil .When the current  season of KBC was  to conclude Bachchan insisted on getting Kapil on  the show.They share a bonding beyond the professional. The same cannot be said about Kapil’s equation with the  rest  of the  film industry.”

Speaking to this writer Kapil said, “No one is here to make friends.We are all here to do our work and  if possible leave an  imprint. The wedding is  a special day meant for family and close friends. By God’s grace both  Ginni and I have very large warm  families.”

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