Anand Kumar Wants An A-Lister To Play Him In Bio-Pic


World-renowned mathematical genius Anand Kumar, whose ‘Super 30’ coaching scheme has revolutionized the lives of under-privileged maths students all over India, finally has a bio-pic happening.

More relieved than happy Anand spoke exclusively  on the subject, “After the fiasco of Anurag Basu’s proposed film on me,I was very careful about whom I said yes to. Vinay Sinha and his daughter Priti Sinha who are producing the film on me struck me as sincere people.When they asked me if I would like the bio-pic to be directed by Vikas Behl, I readily agreed.”

Anand has laid down certain pre-conditions to bio-pic, “The music has to be of my choice and the actor playing me has to be approved by me.Also, the producers have agreed to share a part of the profits with me for funding my students.”

He reveals that Priyanka Chopra had come to him with the offer to produce a bio-pic. But the project and the budget were way too small to reach out to a large audience.

Anand  is somewhat agitated by his Bollywood  experience.

Anurag Basu had  shown a keen interest in making a bio-pic on Anand Kumar. Let alone make progress there is no sign of any movement on that front in Basu’s enormously choc-a-block schedule.

Anand who is a legend in his state of Bihar and considered one of the finest living mathematician theworldover sounded somewhat nonplussed. “I don’t know what has happened with Anurag’s project. He showed great keenness to do a film on my life. He came several times to Patna to meet me. I also visited him in Mumbai several times. More than Anurag it is his  wonderful wife Taani who was a great support in carrying the project forward. But now the film on me seems to be stuck.”

Anand says he has heard that Anurag is doing other projects. “First I was told he is making a film on Kishore Kumar. Then that got delayed and he’s now doing a detective film with Ranbir Kapoor. I am very happy for Anurag. He’s a very talented director. I loved his work in Life In A Metro and Barfi. That’s why I allowed him to shoot a film on my life.I wish he had told me he was not doing the film on my life.”

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