And Now, The Taimur Doll, Saif Reacts

Believe  it or not 2-year old Taimur has his own doll figurine in the toy stores  of  Kerala now. The fan-frenzy  that Taimurcommands easily  out-distances the  popularity of his parents Kareena  Kapoor Khan and  Saif Ali  Khan, a fact  of  which they are rightly proud.

In fact Taimur’s popularity rivals that  of  the three Khan superstars Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman.

But a  ‘Taimur’ doll???!!!

When I reached out to his bemused father Saif  responded, “Maybe I should copyright Taimur’s name. But seriously, it is fine. I hope the  dolls sell well. It’s like having  your face on a  pack of sparklers during Diwali.”

While the  doting protective  and  slightly worried father grapples  with their little son’s growing popularity, they can only hope and pray for  a saner more sensible media attitude to his  tender years.

Sighs  Saif, “I only ask they bless him in  return, and that he’s safe and  happy  in life.”

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