Anup Jalota: “Jasleen Should Have Gone Into Bigg Boss With Mika”

KA broken  marriage behind him notwithstanding ,Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota’s spotless reputation has suffered  a setback with the scandal  involving modelJasleen Matharu in the Bigg Boss house.

This week Jasleen  has been evicted from  the Bigg Boss house.She  now  claims that her much-flaunted  relationship inside the Bigg Boss house was a prank.

Anup who has  steadily claimed Jasleen was his student shrugs,  “When I came out of Bigg Boss I very clearly said  the so-called relationship was a publicity stunt.Now  Jasleen wants to call it a prank. If this is her idea  of  fun, then she should have gone to Bigg Boss with Mika, not me.”

Not that Jalota is  complaining. “She  benefited from our association on  Bigg Boss.I benefited  from going to  Bigg Boss.  Today youngsters who didn’t know my work are singing Aisi laagi lagan.  I also lost weight ,slept 8-9 hours  every night and relaxed more than I remember doing. So Bigg Boss was  a paid holiday for me. Now I am back to the grind. Last night I came home at  3 am after Shatrughan Sinha’s birthday party. It’s  7 am now.And I’ve to catch a  flight.So I am back  living my hectic life. But no complaints.”

Anup Jalota would like  his fans to put the ‘Jasleen’ episode behind them. “I am trying to forget  the whole episode. When I  was out of Bigg Boss, the first  question that  my  mother asked me  was  who was Jasleen and what  was going on between  her and  I in Bigg Boss. I  told her were were  enacting a  play. It is very difficult to explain to someone of  my mother’s generation that nowadays  any publicity is  good publicity. I  just want to put the  episode behind me. Reputations are  made and unmade at  the  drop of a  hat these days. Those who know me through  my work would not let this episode colour their repect for me.”

In hindsight  Jalota  feels he should not have  allowed the  charade  of  a relationship to go on for so long. “When I  was evicted from Bigg Boss, I told host Salman Khan that Jasleen was  my shishya. She touched  my feet in  his presence. But I guess she wanted to stay in Bigg Boss for a few weeks more. So she  continued to pretend we were in a relationship. It was wrong. But I can’t hold it against her.She had  to do what she had to do to get noticed.”

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