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Anupam Kher: “I Brought In My Birthday With My Mother”



Anupam Kher who turned 62 on 7 March says  he is going to focus on doing what makes him happy in life.

“I am no longer running after my dreams. I’ve pretty much done what I had to do. Projecting myself in the right light is no longer a  priority,” says the actor-teacher-author-activist who has pretty much covered the entire gamut of life’s experience on and off screen

What  does turning 62 mean to Anupam?

“It means  not looking back but ahead, creating new goals for the years to come,” says Anupam, adding that he spent his birthday with the people he  loves the most.

“I had dinner with the one person who matters the most to me,my mother. Then I spent the day with the children of Dilkhush,the school for special children. I make sure to visit them on every special day in my life. Because they make me feel special,” says Anupamemotionally.

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