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“Arijit Assisted Me, I Knew He Was Going To Make  It Big,” Composer Lalit Pandit Pays A  Tribute To Arijit Singh On His  Birthday



Arijit Singh

Lalit Pandit believes  in  recent times the only genuine male talent as a singer that has emerged is Arijit Singh. “The industry badly needed a new fresh voice after the 1990s’ batch of artists that we had and and for a while it looked that we wouldn’t have that.But slowly and surely there was this boy who was showing talent and eventually made a break in the industry.”

Lalit recalls  his first meeting with Arijit.  “I first met Arijit through Mr.Ramesh Taurani.It seems three young people has just finished off a reality show called Gurukul in which Arijit was a winner.There were two more people Shamit and Mona whom tips had signed as there artists to be launched with an album.Rameshji asked me if I could train them further and if I could work about six  songs as an album.I agreed and met these three,Arijit,Shamit and mona.They looked excited to work with and very curious to see how songs are made and how things take up shape in music.”

  Lalit  worked  with  Arijit on this album  for six months. “It was great fun .I interacted with them and worked making this album according to their strengths as singers!My assistants and me noticed clearly Arijit as having a clear edge amongst  the rest and he sang wonderfully!He was good!!”

Lalit  says  Arijit kept in touch thereafter. “After the album was finished Arijit still kept coming and sort of  assisted me in doing scratches and voice dubs for a while.I still have some of his scratch  recordings that we did together and they sound wonderful indeed!Arijit sang his  first song in a studio for me  for this album.We had made it together and since he had rehearsed the song for many days,he really cracked it well.It was a beautiful song but for some reason the album never released!!I don’t know why.”

 After assisting Lalit Arijit moved on. “After assisting me for a while I moved on and worked and learnt with Pritam.It’s here that he got some really wonderful songs and started making a mark in the industry!!He sang songs of different genres and kept growing and growing.He sang wonderful songs for Mukesh Bhatt and others who have an ear for music.Arijit’s parents are musical people he told me once as I asked how music came to him and if there was a family background .there indeed was.His father is a Punjabi  Sikh and mother is a Bengali.Arijit’s  father sings I believe and he has learnt music  as a child.”

 What according to Lalit makes Arijit stand  out. “The part that makes Arijit  different from the others is his expressive voice,singing technique and his riyaz that he has done and worked hard on.You may have a God-gifted voice and everything,but if you have not practised and if you don’t keep practising you won’t make it.He has worked very hard and I have seen him struggle.He is very intelligent and humble .”

 Lalit is happy  with Arijit’s  success. “I am extremely happy that he has made good in life through his hard work .His voice has indeed had a mesmerising effect over his audience and gets tremendous liking and love from youngsters.Both my sons love his singing .I have noticed this after the humongous success of his concerts that he has excelled in.A lot many singers became conscious as it always happens when a young talent like Arijit emerges.I recently saw his concert in Pune and I must say he is outstanding as a performer and someone who has a right vision to take the Indian performing art to a different level .He,being an all-rounder ,musician,singer,a technician and programmer composer,has the understanding of how to execute a live concert !None of the other his seniors have that and will not have because the grooming has been different!he has learnt a lot and has given his blood sweat and  tears to his work.His combination with Priyam and with Mithoon has been tremendous.I wish him a brighter future on his birthday  and happiness always to him.”

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