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Arjit Singh’s Plea Heard, Song To Be Retained in Sultan



Singer Arjit Singh’s well-intended but woefully mistimed public apology to Salman Khan seems to have had a  positive affect.

Not one to forgive easily, this time Salman has relented. Arjit’s song in Sultan which the singer so desperately pleaded to be retained, will apparently not be dropped.

To flashback to the root of the rancour…apparently at an awards function Salman had said that Arjit’s song Tum hi ho in Aashiqui2  puts him to sleep. To this Arjit had reacted with a smirky, ‘Nice!’

Says a source close to the development, “Arjit over-reacted .Salman’s anger was not directed at Arjit.Salmanwas actually pissed off at an awards function  by Mithoon(the composer of the Aashiqui 2 numbers) who had reacted rudely to Salman’s remarks.”

Apparently after Arjit’s public apology  the song in Sultan will be retained.

Says a source, “It’s not been decided whether Salman will agree to lip-sync Arjit’s song. But the song won’t be removed from the soundtrack.”

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