Baaghi 2 Looks  Like Tiger’s Whitecollar Rambo

The violence seen in the trailer  of Baaghi 2 seems hypnotic in its intensity. Tiger Shroff fights with as much choreographed ferocity  as he dances. There isn’t much dancing in the trailer of Baaghi 2, though I am sure there is  going to be some dancing.A Tiger Shroff film without dancing  is  like Agra without the Taj Mahal.

The plot inspired by the Telugu hit Kshanam seems to have taken off into another zone altogether. In fact this  is  not Kshanam at all. Apart from the  basic plotline—heroine sends  a distress call to hero  to rescue her kidnapped daughter—there  is no similarity in  the setting, tone or execution.

 While actor Adivi Shesh in Kshanam relied  more on his instincts and intellect  to get to the bottom of the mystery Tiger’s performance is  openly physical, as  he goes about pounding his adversaries to  a pulp.This  is ‘pulp friction’ at  its most extreme.

The trailer gives no pause for thought as Tiger ploughs through his enemies. What we see is the heightened level of confidence that Tiger has acquired for the camera. His physique is more sinewy, his movements are  more controlled, and his voice is deeper more gravelly.

There is an abundance of  Ramboesque action in the rugged wilderness of  the green forests shot with a texture  of danger.This is a vehicle for a young actor who has been working on himself to improve his skills and screen presence. Tiger has tremendous All Postssupport in the cast from his co-actors , be it DeepakDobriyal or Manoj Bajpai.Good  to see Bajpai back doing his strong supportive stint after failing miserably as frontsman  in Aiyaary.

And  yes, the talented Preteik Babbar  makes a fleeting one-shot appearance as a sidekick high on drugs.

How times change. And who  better  proof of that than Prateik, who was  the Big Hope after Jaane Tu …Yaa Jaane Na.And the  internet laughed at Tiger.Now who is having the last laugh?

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