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Baahubali Writer Chosen To Script The Biggest Costume Drama For Star



Bajrangi Bhaijaan gave Bollywood  a strong sense of Telugu writer Vijayendra Prasad’s scripting skills. He is now on to an even bigger project , this time on television.

Vijayendra Prasad is now busy penning a marathon epic serial set in the Aryan dynasty in the year 1200 BC. It will be produced by siblings Goldie and Shristi Behl for Star TV.

 Vijayendra Prasad

Telugu writer Vijayendra Prasad

Says a source in the know, “It would be the biggest and most expensive television show of all times,on a par with the biggest costume dramas on the large screen. The budget of this serial will be as high as that of Baahubali, Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Bajirao Mastani.”

Some of the biggest names from cinema will be cast in this serial, said to be the most expensive spectacle ever shot on television.

When asked about  the marathon serial that will go  on later this year Vijayendra Prasad said, “I am unable to confirm or deny anything about the serial at this point .It would be better if you asked Mr Golde Behl . At a later date I’ll be able to have a detailed chat with you on this.”