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Rishi Kapoor Upsets The Youth Of Bihar With Anti-Ban Stand



The youngsters of Bihar have taken offence to Rishi Kapoor’s tweets against the liquor ban in Bihar.

But the actor says the naysayers of Bihar don’t understand the implication of the ban. “As usual I’ve triggered off a controversy with my truthful tweeting.Some young people in Bihar  have reacted sharply to my stand againt the alcohol ban saying they’d never allow me into Bihar. Ha ha. All I want to tell them is, Bihar government doesn’t know what it is getting into. Already a day after the ban there is a chaos of alcohol-withdrawal illnesses inBihar.Six months from now Bihar will know what  it has gotten itself into . Bootlegging and hooch will be rampant. And who drinks this hooch? Only the poor who can’t afford theIMFL(India Made Foreign Liquor). They will be drinking illicit liquor and falling ill.”

Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor hastens to clarify that he is not pro-alcohol. “I am anti-suppression. Any law which tries to stop people from doing something is bound to fail.

​When porn was  banned sex crimes increased. ​

Prohibition has failed everywhere, inMumbai , Tamil Nadu… Gujarat?  Yes, officially they have Prohibition. But I’ve been there . I know what the truth about alcohol-availability is in Gujarat.”

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Rishi feels the Bihar government has clamped down on alcohol when there are bigger problems facing the consumer. “They should first ban cigarettes and tobacco because these are known agents of  cancer. Banning alcohol is not going to solve anything. Many Muslim countries prevent the consumption of alcohol by religion. Yet alcohol is freely available in those countries. The rich will always find ways of fighting prohibition. It’s the poor who will suffer.”