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Shah Rukh’s Son Can’t Watch The Mummy!



Little AbRam who turned 4 this week would have to wait a long time before watching the film he he wants to see. AbRam who has been keenly awaiting the release of the new Tom Cruise film The Mummy  won’t be able to watch the film.

The Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) has cleared the filmon Saturday with no cuts. But with an ‘Adult Only’ certification.

A  big blow for Indian  fans of Tom Cruise .No recent  Cruise film has received an ‘Adults’ rating.

Says a source from the CBFC, “We realize this is a film kids are waiting to see. We also realize Tom Cruise is a family star.  Kids  love him as much as grownups ,and he tailors his films accordingly. Though The Mummy is a fantasy film with lots of mythology, the content is violent. The choice was to either reduce the length of some of the action or to to let the content remain and grant the film an ‘A’  certification. The producers went with the latter option.”

There is some amount of hypocrisy involved in censoring imported fantasy when laced with violence. InBaahubali 2, shots of severed heads were allowed and the film was passed with a ‘UA’. In The Mummy an ‘A’  certification was seen proper because of the aggressive nature of the action.

Apparently the film’s producers Universal Pictures have decided to not contest the CBFC’s decision although the ‘A’ certification puts the film at a disadvantage  vis-à-vis the other big Hollywood blockbuster releases of the season Pirates Of The Caribbean and Wonder Woman both of which have been granted a ‘UA’  censor certification.

“But Baywatch has got an ‘A’ and that too with cuts.So The Mummy is not on slippery ground,” says  the source  from censor board.

AbRam can ask his dad to arrange a private screening.


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