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“The Best Security Blanket I  Have Is My Country’s Goodwill”…India Is Proud Of You,Arnab

At a time when pussyfooting in in vogue and patriotism is passé Arnab Gowami has shown us what true news worthiness really entails.

Taking the spirit of anchoring to a new level of self-expression Arnab has over the past five years, re-defined television journalism. Sure, he shouts down his guests. But off camera he is not a rude man.I can vouch for that. The role he plays on his widely watched Newshour  is very different from the real person.

It won’t be wrong to say Arnab plays a role on television, that of the belligerent no-sense nationalistic  new anchor who frequently comes across as a bully. Yes, it’s a role he plays.  But it’s a role close to his heart. As someone who been in touch with him over the years I have seen  how deeply affected Arnab gets by the slothfulness and deceit that has taken over our public services, and that includes politics.

In crusading against corruption Arnab is not  afraid of any force.Even when savagely attacked by his own fraternity for his rabid anti-Pakistan stance he held on to his moral position.

I saw the attack  from across the border coming. Night after night Arnab would invite Pakistan’s top dignitaries and scoff at their hypocritical pontifications. The terror outfits must have taken note.

So is Arnab fazed by the threats?

Do we really need to answer that?

To my concerned query Arnab replied, “There is no need to worry. There is a lot of support for the work we do.And  that public support and goodwill is what matters the most.In many ways it is the best security blanket that I can get.”





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