Bhavesh Joshi Superhero Trailer Review: At Last, An Actual Indigenous Super-Hero Film!

The trailer  of Bhavesh Joshi shows the Miryza debutant Harshvardhan Kapoor and a group  of angry youngsters—all looking like they’ve just walked out of a boring lecture in  collegeturning  vigilantes, covering their faces  with paperbags to stop civic outrage like people peeing on roads, etc.

This  is a super-hero film with a super solution  to Indian cinema’s  failure to compete with the Avengers et all: don’t ape the West, go waste…go  the opposite way into the morass  of stinking  corruption and  find a  reason to don the mask. Take  the other route. Show the common  man as  the  hero of  the masses espousing a cleaner  city by  turning the idea of a larger-than-life super-hero  into a …well, Harvardhan Kapoor.

That should do  the trick.

I’ve never seen  a  more ordinary  super-hero than this young Kapoor.  He  looks so much part of  the  pointless bustle and prattle of the metropolitan milieu , Kapoor is almost  like  a middle finger to the  super-hero genre  patented  by Marvel and DC comic books.

Throughout the  2 minute trailer director  Vikarmaditya Motwane  preserves  a tone of  mocking irony and  crackling pace . There is even a mention of Shah Rukh Khan’s  super-hero fiasco Ra.One in  the film. And yes there is a a super-villain—a  politician, of course– played by filmmaker Nishikant Kamat.

But what  stays with you is   the ordinariness  of  the  right-doer . The hero with  no special powers  except his  anger and frustration.There is a sense of imminent revolution in the  young Indian  today.

I don’t know  far Bhavesh Joshi will tap into the  Indian youth’s angst. But the trailer does indicate  the  right  attitude to  finally creating a desi super-hero. Not  Ra.One.  Not Krissh.  And please, not the Flying Jatt.But someone so much like you and me he can blend into the fabric of collective indignation and emerge from the shadows with  a  slap on the  face of corruption.

Bhavesh Joshi could be the  next Rang De Basanti if it only remembers not to take  itself  too seriously.      

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