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Big Production House Does Big Launch For two Self-Paid Newcomers



By A  Correspondent

One of the country’s biggest production houses headed by the scion of one of the greatest filmmakers  in the country recently launched two newcomers, a male actor whose family has been in the movie business for generations ,and a girl from a family of politicians.

Apparently the family of the  boy whose elder brother tried his luck at acting and failed ,paid the illustrious production house a sum of Rs 10 crores while the girl’s politician-father has had to shell out  a sum of Rs 5 crores.

It all adds up , really.

The film  being made  featuring these two newcomers together is budgeted at Rs 15 crores.

As  production costs escalate and the chances of films with newcomers in the lead getting any kind of success diminishes, more and more production houses will be seen adopting this role model of introducing newcomers.

Let the aspiring actor pay for his or her own passage into stardom.

Aaj kal  Yash kamaane ke liye mehnat aur mannat nahin, paise kizaroorat hoti hai.

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