Is Bipasha Basu Destroying Her Career With Her Pati-Vrata Act?

Love  Me Love My Husband

By A  Correspondent

Bipasha Basu won’t like this. But many in the entertainment  industry are talking about her insistence on including  her husband KaranSingh Grover  as part of a package deal for show appearances and entertainment events that are offered to her.

Says well-informed insider, “Bipasha’s career an actress is at a low ebb, to put it politely. She nonetheless has a certain clout even now in the glamour industry. Offers for endorsements, events and public appearances are  coming her way even today in a steady trickle.  But she nixes her prospects  by  bringing her  husband into the picture.”

Asked to elaborate the insider says, “If there is an ad about a couple,Bipasha insists the agency hire Karan Singh Grover to play the male half. If Bipasha  is invited to public appearances she wants the organizers to invite her husband also. Even if she agrees to an event in a foreign country she wants the organizers to pay her husband’s fare and hotel accommodation.”

The  pre-condition  of having her husband along is becoming a heavy burden on  Bipasha’s career. The sooner she realizes that Karan Singh Grover is  no more than Mr Bipasha Basu in entertainment circles, the better for both of them.

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