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Blade Runner 2049: Censor Board Slashes Computer-Generated  Nudity



Sanskari Censor Rebooted…

Denis Vileneuve’s  eager awaited  sci-fi thriller featuring  Harrison  Ford  and Ryan Gosling  has been given the slasher’s treatment by the Central  Board Of  Film Certification.

All the nude shots , frontal and  back, have been ordered cut before the film was  given an ‘A’ certificate.

There is just one problem. All the aforementioned nudity is part of  computer-generated graphics , representing artificial intelligence.So does it mean nudity in any form is still not permissible?

Says a source, “Blade Runner 2049 is a futuristic  saga where women are shown to be created through artificial intelligence. They can’t be shown with clothes on .As we all know  no one  is born all dressed up. And didn’t theCBFC allow Aamir Khan to go nude when he played an alien landing  on earth  in  PK?”

Apparently the logic offered above was defeated by the logistics of the CBFC guidelines.

“Nudity in any form is not allowed. It doesn’t matter  if the nude form is computer generated,” says a source close to the CBFC.

However  strangely enough a statute of  a nude woman has been exempted from the cutting campaign in Blade Runner.

Says  the source, “The CBFC has slowed four-letter abuses including f…k  and  f…ker . But no virtual nudes. The film has also been asked to blur liquor bottles wherever they are shown.”

And we  thought only Bihar and Gujarat were dry .

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