Boney Kapoor Takes Legal Action Against Producers Of Sridevi Bungalow


It seems as though young Priya Prakash Varrier whose one wink in the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi from  the Malayam film  Oru Adar Love  made her  an internet sensation,may not find her  transition to  Bollywood to be  smooth sailing.

Her  purported  Bollywood debut film entitled Sridevi Bungalow has run into rough  weather. It has  got into legal trouble  with the  original Sridevi’s  husband Boney Kapoor.

Boney in retaliation to what he  clearly sees as an  infringement on his late  wife’s  life( the teaser showed Priya Varrier  lyingintert in a  bath-tub,a distasteful  reference  to the real  Sridevi’s tragic end) has sent  the  film’s  producers a strongly-worded  legal  notice.

Says a source very close to Boney,  “Boney won’t make  any  statements, as these  people(behind the  film Sridevi Bungalow) are  only looking at how to generate  curiosity  in their  pathetic  film. Boney  won’t play into their hands. But he  will quietly take every legal step to prevent this  sleazy  film from  being made.”

 Interestingly the film’s director Prasanth  Mambully  is quoted as  being supremely  unaffected  by Boney’s legal  reprimand.  “We received a legal notice from Mr Boney Kapoor last week. And we will face it. … My film is a suspense thriller. I told him (Boney Kapoor) that Sridevi is a common name. My film’s character also happens to be an actress. We will face it(the legal backlash).”

Sources  close to Boney say he won’t rest easy  until this film is  stopped.

“For Boney a sleazy representation of  his wife’s life is  unacceptable. He will not rest easy until this project is aborted,” says a close friend  of  the Kapoors.

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