Boxoffice Barometer: Housefull 3 Mints Money In Spite Of Bad Reviews


The critics hated Housefull 3. But the audience loved the film. Over the weekend this lowbrow slapstick entertainer made a killing at the boxoffice.The collections are said to be close to Rs 55 crores in just three days!

Akshay Kumar and his team are laughing all the way to the bank. Defending the  film’s genre  mood and intentionAkshay says, “It is time we stopped looking down on slapstick as a genre. As an actor I can tell you it is the most difficult genre to do.We may be rolling with laughter while shooting. But the audience may not find it funny.”

Here is the Audio Review in Subhash K Jha Voice

Agreed. And some of Akshay’s slapstick comedies in the past including the same director duo Farhad-Sajid’sEntertainment were enjoyable. But Housefull 3 is purely bilgy, filled with trashy references to character’s skin colour, toilet habits and sexual appetite.

Still the film is  a hit. In direct contrast is this week’s small-big regional film Thithi in Kannada. Strong word-of-mouth and patronage of Bollywood ’s talent connoisseurs Aamir Khan and Anurag Kashyap aided this striking debut film by director Raam Reddy to acquire a boxoffice legitimacy.

The Hollywood release Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of  The Shadows did not attract Indian audiences as much as expected. Too many super-heroes in recent times trying to save the world from destruction.

But who will save our movies from these disaster epics?

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