Breaking News: Salim Khan intervenes between Tubelight distributors to sort out money refund for the film

In a historic (because usually such things don’t happen!) meet of sorts, the all-India distributors of Tubelight have come to Mumbai to meet Salman’s father, Salim Khan, to ask him to sort out the losses they suffered because of the film not matching up to expectations at the box-office. Along with all-India distributor Narendra Hirawat (he sold the film circuit-wise to individual distributors), they had a successful meeting with Salim Khan on Friday night to see how the matter could be resolved.

Says a highly-placed insider, “Salim saab is one of the most respected seniors in Bollywood today and many often go to him to ask for his wise counsel. In this case, he is also Tubelight producer Salman’s father. As the film’s distributors have suffered losses amounting to almost 65 crore (approx), Hirawat and them decided to meet Salim saab to ask him to intervene and resolve the issue. He met them on Friday night and asked them to come home the next day (Saturday, June 8) early evening for snacks so they could take it further. The distributors went back feeling very happy that at least someone like Salim saab was taking out time to hear out their grievances. Few producers even do that because once the film is sold it becomes the responsibility of the distributors.”

The insider explains that films are sold at a Minimum Guarantee (MG) and usually most people don’t give refunds. “It’s only possible if the producer concerned has a change of heart and returns the money out of kindness. Nobody can challenge them to do it. People talk of returning money but few producers do. It’s extremely kind and gracious of Salim saab to intervene as producers involved in a movie are not legally bound to return the money because of the losses incurred. But now, post the Friday meet, the distributors are hopeful of getting certain amount of money back from Salman. Details of that will now be discussed today at 5 pm at Salim Khan’s residence.”

Narendra Hirawat remained unavailable for comment.

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