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“Be Careful About Live-In Relationships,” Says  Pratyusha’s Boyfriend

Rahul Raj Singh who is currently single and intends to remain that way for as long as possible,  is all for the rapid rise in films showing live-in relationships like  Ae  Dil  Hai  Mushkil, Befikre and Ok Jaanu, although his own live-in arrangement with tv actress Pratyusha Bannerjee came to a ghastly end with her alleged suicide.

“The fact remains that  live-in relationships are the best way to know whether two people  are compatible enough to live together under the same roof. The proof of  the pudding lies in its eating. So yes, I am all for live-in relationships and films about them,” says Rahul Raj.

He is opposed to people in a live-in relationship getting married. “That’s where the problem comes in. You can can take the decision to live-in. But when you decide to marry  the decision can’t be taken by the couple alone. You need to consult the elders in the family , bring in their wisdom into  your decision.Young people these days tend to leave their parents out of the decision to  get married.”

Rahul reiterates his intentions towards Pratyusha were completely noble. “Pratyusha and I were ready to take our relationship to the next level after living in together .I did all that I could to make her happy. In fact a day before she passed away we were in a bar together….I took her to my home in Ranchi to meet my folks in January 2016  to marry her in November. But that never happened. So now here I am in Goa in my home. We were here together last year for New Year’s. This time  I am here alone.Such is life.”



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