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CBFC Turns Prudish, Beeps Cuss Words In Spite Of ‘A’ Certificate Kabir Singh



It looks like the sanskaari days are back at the  censor board. In a move that  would most certainly make the  formerCBFC chief   Pahlaj Nihalani smile, the new  supposedly  liberal  censor board   under  the stewardship of PrasoonJoshi  has clamped  down heavily on a  majority  of  the expletives,cusswords and profanities  uttered  by Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh.

This dazzling demonstration of  prudishness in spite  of  the fact that Kabir Singh has been stamped with an  ‘Adults Only’ certificate!

Curiously, the same  level of  unparliamentary  language was  permissible in the blockbuster   Arjun  Reddy, the original Telugu version  of Kabir Singh. And both  the Telugu  and  Hindi  versions  of  the  film are directed  by the same   director Sandeep Vanga.Even more curiously, the same  lead actor Shahid Kapoor  was seen  snorting cocaine, screaming expletives and even urinating on  the audience at a rock concert in  Udta Punjab.

“The  difference  was, the team behind   Udta Punjab was willing to  put up a fight . They went all the way to the  courts to  stop their film from being violated. The makers  of Kabir Singh didn’t even  put up a fight. They quietly accepted all  the beeps and mutes,although the language only reflects  the  mindset  of  the  protagonist. Also, an ‘A’ certificate clearly means the content  is for an adult audience.Are  the  adult viewers  of our country not mature  enough to  withstand  the  shock of hearing some taboo words?” asks a  source close to  Kabir Singh.

A  more important question  to  be asked is,are the sanskaari days  back at  the CBFC? I reached out to the  CBFCchairperson and CEO. But  got no  answer.

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