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Censor Allows  More Sex In  Mirza Juliet Than Any Otther Recent Film

Is the Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) finally turning a new leaf?  Sex, it seems, is no longer taboo. Not when Shakespeare is at its helm.

Mirza Juliet, a  rustic rugged rippling  raunchy new adaptation ofRomeo & Juliet had the CBFC  softening their hard stance on sexual content.

Says a  source close to the film. “The film is set in the North Indian heartland and has plenty of  rawness in visual and verbal content. The censor board has allowed a lot of it to remain .”

Apparently the cusswords and profanities in the Hindi language which are normally ordered out were here allowed to stay.

Says a source, “They did cut some of  it. But a  lot of it remains.Chandan Roy Sanyal plays a horny suitor of the heroine. He is constantly lusting, and in one sequence he is even seen masturbating while calling out her name. Surprisingly the CBFC has allowed the bold never-before sequence to remain.”

Speaking on the first ever sequence in a  Hindi film showing a character  building himself up to a climax, actor Chandan Roy Sanyalsays, “I though of it a challenge for me as an actor as it has never been shown before. Surprisingly female audiences who have watched the scene  have laughed . My character is so horny all the time  he’s funny. He  has the audience in splits. This is the first time that an Indian actor gets to  masturbate on screen.I am surprised that theCBFC didn’t’t cut it out.”

Mirza Juliet has been cleared with  an ‘A’ certificate.

Says censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani, “We are not prudes. When sex is an integral part of the plot we allow . Mirza Juliet is defined by the politics of violence. We’ve cut as little as possible.”


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