Censor Asks Varun Dhawan To Get NOC From Alia!!!

Wait, this is  not a joke. Varun Dhawan can’t talk about his dear friend Alia Bhatt without a NOC (No Objection Certificate)  from her. Not on screen  anyway.So director David Dhawan and producer Sajid Nadiadwala discovered when in their forthcoming funny fest Judwaa 2 the leading man Varun Dhawan makes a passing reference to Alia Bhatt.

The censor board’s request left  Dhawan and Nadiadwala non plussed.

“They wanted an NOC from Alia Bhatt before she can be mentioned in Judwaa 2. Nadiadwala and Dhawan argued that Alia was a  buddy  of Varun and  therefore quite cool with being mentioned in Judwaa 2 or anywhere else by  Varun. But the censor board was adamant. Friend or foe, you have to get an NOC from all living persons who are mentioned in film,” says  a source close to the development who  was barely able to control his laughter.

Not only Alia,  but Alia’s father Mahesh Bhatt is also mentioned in Judwaa 2. The film’s producer and director must get an NOC from  both father and daughter.Maybe catch them  both over dinner?

Wait.We are not done  yet. The Judwaa 2 team must also  get an NOC from actress Poonam Dhillon because she  too is mentioned in passing.

“Now  do you you know why I changed the Dubai-based don’s name  to Maqsood in my Daddy? Chuckles Arjun Rampal.

Imagine if  he had to get an NOC from Dawood!

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