Censor Board Orders 17 Cuts in Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam 2

The  first Vishwaroopam  film which came in 2013 had proved controversial enough for its helmer and  lead actor Kamal Haasan to actually toy with the idea of leaving the country to make  any further films.

But he is back with a sequel to the  film about global terrorism. And this  time, as the CBFC clamps down on the long-delayedVishwaroopam 2  Kamal  Haasan is not willing to budge.

According to a source from the  CBFC the situation regarding the censoring of Vishwaroopam 2 is anomalous. “The film has been passed with a  ‘U’ certificate  in Tamil and  Telugu. In Hindi the  jury is divided. Some want to give it ‘UA’ instead of ‘U’ and that too with 17  cuts.”

 The CBFC  source says this  anomaly has become a common practice . “We can’t have a uniform code of censorship for the whole country.The Tamil,Telugu and Hindi versions of Vishwaroopam have to be  censored as three independent films because every language  comes with its diverse cultural background.  For example, we find a lot of Malayalam films have  extremely  explicit sexual content that won’t be acceptable  in , say, Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh.”

Regarding  the proposed  cuts in  the Hindi  version of Vishwaroopam 2, the source says, “They are  largely  verbal cuts, references to  politics and  terror outfits that need  to be toned down.”

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