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Censor Crisis: Board Members Walk Out Of Raveena Starrer

In what could be regarded as an unprecedented  crisis-drama played out at the newly-relocated Censor board office in Mumbai,  the members of the Censor Board walked out enmasse from the censor screening of director Ashtar Sayed’s Maatr. The hardhittingcontroversial drama features Raveena Tandon as a mother seeking revenge for her daughter’s rape.

Apparently 20 minutes into the screening censor screening the jury members  realized that the film they were being shown was far more harditting and raw than the screenplay that had been submitted to them.

Says a source from the censor board, “We are given a copy of the screenplay beforehand, prior to the screening, so we’d know what to expect when we see the film and which areas in the storytelling may need our intervention. In this  case we realized in ten minutes that we were being shown a  different  film from what we had been  given on the script level. The screening was stopped.”

Says the Maatr producer Anjum Rizvi, “The censor screening had to be stopped due to technical reasons. We are showing the film to the censor board again.”


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