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Cops Find Subhash Ghai Not Guilty Of Sexual Harassment, Punish The Accuser Say Industry Voices



With tainted filmmaker  Subhash Ghai’s being given a clean  chit by the  the Mumbai cops in the sexual harassment allegation by Kate Sharma, Ghai’s peers and  colleagues are baying for blood.

While Ghai refrained from comment(apparently he’s planning a massive defamation lawsuit against  his  accuser)  one of his closest friend wondered who will pay for his damaged  reputation.  “Subhash Ghai has suffered a lot in the last month when the allegation against him  hit home. Many of his  closest friends chose to distance themselves  from him. His  wife and daughter were so shocked and  humiliated they  refused to step out of the house. Now the cops  have cleared his name  . But it will take a long time for  his tarnished  reputation to be  restored.”

Ashoke Pandit, chief advisor of the Federation Of  Western India Cine Employees(FWICE) feels the accuser must be punished if her allegations are proven wrong. “I very strongly feel that if it’s proved that the complaint is false there should be some punishment for the complainant for destroying the image of somebody who has a position and standing in the society. The trauma Mr Ghai and  his family underwent during this period is horrific. Playing with somebody’s respect and dignity should not be allowed.I also  fear that the real victims will suffer because of such false complainants.”

Sushant Singh, General Secretary of the Cine  & TV Artistes Association(CINTAA) feels collateral damage in a movement such as the MeToo is inevitable. “False accusations are a reality, be it murder, theft, dowry-Act or rape. The only future deterrent is strict punishment and speedy trial. If any bright minds have a better solution, I am all yours. But let’s not make it a battle between the innocent and the perpetrator. The movement can’t be held responsible for mal-intentions of a few individuals.”

However Sushant feels the bogus accusers must be strongly discouraged.  “There should be strict action against people who are trying to misuse the MeToo Movement. That’s why strict action against false accusations, that’s how crime and punishment works. Nobody can undo the damage done. What about the damage all the victims have suffered?”

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