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Cyber Thriller Irumbu Thirai To Be Remade In Hindi With Salman In The Lead?



With the spectacular triumph of the Tamil cyber thriller Irumbi Thirai and its Telugu version Abhimanyudu the film is all set to be remade in Hindi, this time with one of the Khan superstars, most probably Salman, playing the common man who takes on the mighty information hackers .

This time Vishal Krishna who plays the hero will switch sides.

“I would like to play the antagonist ‘White Devil’ .It would give me an opportunity to explore the theme from the other side .Arjun who plays the role in the Tamil and Telugu versions is my mentor and guru in real life. I was afraid to take the role to him because he is a major figure in the Tamil film industry. I thought he would throw me out for daring to offer him the villain’s role. But he loved the part and immediately said yes. It’s a very powerful role. The villain represents the evil side of the right to information,” says Vishal.

Some incidents in the film are based on Vishal’s own experience. “Rs 35,000 simply disappeared from my account after I used my debit card in Bangkok.And when I complained the credit-card company’s complaint cell simply hung up on me. My film is not just a thriller it is cautionary tale on how your personal information can be misused. It’s a story that must be seen as widely as possible. Hence the Hindi version is a good idea.”

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