The Damage Done To 2:0 Is Not The Leak

A  leaked teaser footage of one of  Indian cinema’s most delayed projects in recent times has done a great disservice to the team. And it’s not about putting out a  trailer prematurely. Many production houses do this deliberately to generate added curiosity about their project.

 Not this one. The grainy low-definition trailer is not something director Shankar and his team would ever want to be out. The content(and I am not talking about the poor visual and audio quality) is shoddy and ill-conceived. There is no attempt to take the robot franchise anywhere further than it has been already been in the first film.

There are flying cellphones(yes!) and screaming tyres. But there is nothing here that would want us to get our adrenaline into a rush.

While Rajnikanth does his Chitthi act all over again Akshay Kumar’s villainy seems more cartoonish than sinister. The hideous makeup makes the star look way out of his clean-cut Mr India image. A physical change is not necessarily a good thing. Akshay Kumar had gone hideously on his fans in Vipul Shah’s Action Replay,buck teeth and all.

The consequences were disastrous.

Let’s hope the makers  of 2: 0 come up with a more inviting trailer. The one that has been leaked promises a bland sequel to an overrated over-stuffed  film.

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