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Dear Dad: Audio Review

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Here is the Review:



Dear Dad

Starring: Arvind Swamy, Himanshu Sharma, Aman Uppal

Directed by: Tanuj Bhramar

Dear Dad Movie Review: It takes a whole lot of guts to make a film on alternate sexuality in India, specially when you are a first-time director. Tanuj Bhramar has pushed the envelope out of the closet as far as possible. And then some more.

Here are some major highlights:

Director Tanuj Bhramar refrains from  throwing judgement values in our somewhat shocked faces.

For most of the 90-minute soul-searching excursion the director give his characters room to breathe easily.

The film’s picaresque design and picturesque locales(well shot by Mukesh G) has several heartwarming stopovers.

Though this is a film about painful revelations Dear Dad is not a sad film. It doesn’t celebrate human frailty. But it tells us it’s okay to be what we are, who we are and never mind why we are what we are.

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